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Machining- MPPL

Machining is our historical core business. With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to respond to the different needs of our customers. 

A workshop organised and equipped for machining

Machining MPPL

Our organisation and our equipment allow us to respond and adapt to everyone’s requests. 

First of all, we have a large storage area for raw materials, either outside or under cover. We adapt to the requirements.

Secondly, we can machine parts weighing from a few hundred grams to several hundred kilos. Batch sizes also range from a few dozen to several hundred parts. We also machine foundry parts on specific machining fixtures made in-house.

In addition, until delivery, we manage the batches and castings in order to guarantee that our customers receive their products in due form. In order to increase customer satisfaction, we carry out self-checks at each workstation with adapted and specific means. Our 3D CMM inspection equipment further improves these checks.

It should also be noted that between 1 and 3 production teams open our workshop. Our multi-skilled staff brings our annual capacity to 25 to 30,000 hours of machining.

Finally, we can also count on a third-party storage area. This area is used for work-in-progress for the preparation of shuttles according to frequency.

Our "machine workshop" production facilities

To meet our milling needs, we are equipped with 8 horizontal machining centres:

    • • 3 machining centres in 500×500 pallets;
    • • 3 machining centres with 630×630 pallets, including a medium-sized one with a palletising robot;
    • • 2 machining centres in 800×800 pallets, with strokes up to 1500 mm.

Our 2 vertical machining centres complement our milling capabilities.

In addition, we provide turning services with the help of :

    • • 2 turning cells of capacity Ø280 mm;
    • • 1 twin-spindle, twin-turret cell with automatic loading and unloading;
    • • 1 lathe capacity Ø700 mm.
Usinage MPPL

Nevertheless, these tools require a certain preparation and certain processes in order to support the machining. To do this, we rely on a methods office that studies and optimises machining. A specific workshop is dedicated to the creation of machining fixtures. We work from 3D files of raw and machined parts with the CAM/Dao software Missler Top Solid. This is a real help in the preparation, programming, drawing and creation of our tools. We also use Missler Top Solid’ERP for a complete flow of information.

Finally, in addition to our production resources, we rely on the skills and experience of our people to provide such services.