Logistics - MPPL

At MPPL we strive to improve the management of our material and finished product flows every day. This is a real logistical challenge. To face this problem, we rely on three pillars.

1. Infrastructures adapted to the volumes processed

In order to meet our production needs and to manage the flow of materials and finished products, we are equipped with three buildings. These bring the covered area to 5000 m². Each building plays a different role and enables us to meet the logistical challenge.

Firstly, we have a structure housing our machining centres and assembly sections. Then a second building covers a cutting area with several CNC saws and a material storage area. Finally, a new workshop connects the two previous buildings and is added as a support for the machining activity. The new building also has an area dedicated to customer logistics. Here we store finished products and those awaiting transport. Our large storage capacity enables us to maintain continuous production despite any incidents beyond our control.

In addition to our covered areas, we also have a large outdoor area that allows us to further increase our storage capacity. This area is equipped with a direction of travel for handling equipment. In this way, we ensure the safety and smooth flow of traffic.

Zone stockage pour la logistique

2. Tools for heavy load handling

During the course of a production day, we have to transport heavy loads from one point to another. This represents several tons of material and finished products every day. We are therefore equipped with a large number of handling machines to move these heavy loads. 

In addition to our two forklifts, we have three overhead cranes with a capacity of 6 tons. Two of them are used in the cutting area. The last one allows for efficient management of the new workshop.

In addition, each workstation is equipped with jibs and hoists to facilitate the work of our employees and improve their safety.

Finally, a loading bay in the storage area facilitates the receipt of materials and the dispatch of finished products.

3. Uncompromising organisation and adaptability

We organise each area so that the material follows a circuit without interruption. The layout of the warehouses has been designed to limit handling as much as possible and to optimise our production capacities. This route is designed from the reception of the material to the dispatch after machining.

Parcours de circulation MPPL
Map of the circulation route within the site.