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Cutting - MPPL

Our cutting activity, located in a dedicated building, allows us to provide our customers with customised cutting services, either from the material we supply on your behalf, or from specific materials supplied by our customers.

A workshop equipped and organised for cutting.

Our organisation and equipment allow us to adapt to different demands. To begin with, our two overhead cranes allow us to unload bars up to 6 metres long and weighing a maximum of 3 tonnes. A storage area of 800 m² allows us to condition this raw material before cutting. This same area also allows us to manage stocks on behalf of our customers.

Depending on requirements, 1 to 3 production teams open our workshop. Thus, we are able to produce volumes of cuts ranging from a few pieces to large volumes thanks, in particular, to automated handling. This method of operation allows us to produce a global annual volume of around 10 million cuts.

After production, we manage the batches and castings. We track this information until delivery.

Débit MPPL
Cobot in charge of automated packaging of cut parts
Handling of 6 metre bars using one of our overhead cranes

Our "cutting workshop" production facilities

To enable us to provide such a cutting service, we rely on significant material resources:

    • 2 overhead cranes with a unit capacity of 6.2 tonnes, allowing the material to be unloaded and fed to the various production stations simultaneously;
    • 4 CNC saws with a maximum capacity of Ø75 mm;
    • 3 numerically controlled saws with a maximum capacity of Ø100 mm;
    • 3 cobots for automated packaging of cut parts;
    • A control station for checking lengths, squareness and flutter;
    • • A shipping preparation area.